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    You know how, in life, things just kind of fall into your lap? Today was one of those experiences that I am very grateful for.


    Long story short, A Facebook friend of mine simply wanted to link two artists up. She has spent a lot of quality time with the famous Yard House Artist Jerome Gastaldi and had been following me through Facebook.


    This mornings meeting went from 10am until 2pm as us three rode around the ranch in the golf cart scoping out various buildings and beautifully outfitted with plenty of sculptures throughout. He told stories, presented the newest pieces that he was working on, and embodied what it is to keep art alive. "Art can save the world". 

    My favorite part, aside from the different mediums of art displayed across the whole estate, is his story that he told about the most intense spiritual experience he has had along with pictures of apparitions. As a Christian (Catholic) man myself, I just has my spirits elevated. there are few things in life that can do that to you. Few conversations. few visits with friends. Few experiences...that truly make you vibrate onto another level of spirituality. 

    One more thing- he reassured me about my success. You see, we are our own worst critic at times and/or we have an expectation of where we "need to be in life". This idea, for me, is slowly melting away but its still there. Im 34 and have been doing this for 10 years. This talented gentleman has been doing art for about 50 years. It made me realize to pump the brakes on trying to speed up time in order to "get there". Where the hell is "there"?!? I have to realize that I am on a really great track, I help many people with my talents, I have fun, I continue to travel and meet amazing individuals. the more I think of it, Ive already made it. Now, in this moment, Im breaking down limitations, watching them crumble. Very grateful for todays meeting. Grateful for how far Ive come- but never satisfied. Time to hit the next level....HERE I COME!

Photos of the Ranch

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