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This artist does WHAT?!?!

(watch video)

Sergio closes the gallery and ends with a BANG!

I just want to express my whole-hearted gratitude towards those who made it but also to those  who continue Sergios Fine Art from afar. I can't think of a better way to live life than to be creative, help others, surrounded by beauty in all forms, travel, and most of all- to love and be loved. I wish I had time and energy type "thank you" a trillion times!


Well, Im currently in Orlando doing some art/music biz. Next is Philadelphia executing two large live paintings for a convention, then London, Thailand, Canada. Big things happening. So please, stay in the know by signing up for the NEWSLETTER.

My other big goal is doing 5x more charities than I did last year. so if you or anyone you know runs/works a charity, please share my contact info. Id love to help with my live art + live music show, or simply live music OR live art.