San Diego, CA
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Sergio Gutierrez

Frequently asked questions

How long does a painting take?

The duration of the painting portion of the show depends largely on the size and detail of the painting. The most common live paintings are 36x36 inch portraits of well known movie stars, rock stars, etc., and can take between 45min to an hour.

Are the paintings for sale?

The paintings are always for sale.
It depends on whether or not it is pre-negotioated as part of the show. Sergio performs many different types of venues and events. For private, corporate, and wedding events, the painting is included in the price assuming the client wants to take the painting with them. If one is interested in Sergio recreating the piece that has already been sold/included with the event, it is absolutley possible to make that happen. Just contact Sergio through contact information provided at

What size of painting can I request?

The most common size tht has been sold is a 36x36 inch canvas. Sergio paints no smaller than a 16x20 inch canvas and can paint up to a 48x60 inch canvas. Murals are also an option.

What types of subjects do you paint?

Sergio has painted almost every subject: still life, portraits, comic book, sea scapes, landscapes, pets, cars, nudes, conceptual, sports, holiday themes, etc.

What type of events can you provide your Live Art + Live Music Show?

Sergio has performed live for the past 15 years and has done so in almost every and any setting imaginable. Indoor/outdoor events such as weddings, corporate events, private events, charities, festivals, etc.