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Private Live Music + Live Painting
The most unique Sunday Funday

As many of you know, I have been traveling all over the country performing this unique combo. I have also booked live paintings at the San Diego Padres home games this season. Many more awesome opportunities lie ahead. But my favorite performances:

Performing in front of a small group, privately, in a back yard, living room, or any event space. The intimacy is unmatched! Singing songs that YOU like (2 hour set), painting a piece that YOU choose (30 min- portrait, favorite rock star, movie star, pet, theme, etc) and that YOU get to keep! 

I am simply wanting to bring this show to you privately and have left open most Sundays for this very purpose. I will be doing this for a very limited time as things in my career are blasting off. 

Ready to wow your friends and family and have a new Original Sergios Fine Art painting that was painted in front of you and the people you love, becoming more than a painting- becoming an experience?!


A $3,000 value for $900. This spring only.

Im ready when you are. 

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